Saturday, March 21, 2009

I think I just smiled at him

Is there some way both versions could be right? Please?

One of Collins’ misses was put back hard by Aldrich, who dunked, was fouled and hit a free throw, upping a 73-67 lead to 76-67 with 1:53 left.

KU’s team leaders and fast friends — Collins said they have hung out off the court together a lot more this season than last — visited on the court after that bucket.

“I told him, ‘That’s how you go up and dunk. That’s how you finish at the rim. He whispered in my ear, ‘Da da da, da da da,’’’ Collins added, singing the theme song from ESPN’s SportsCenter.

Aldrich’s version?

“He always says some of the goofiest things,” he said of Collins. “He said, ‘Good follow (shot), way to go crash the boards.’ I think I just smiled at him.”

So it is indeed the Flyers for us tomorrow. Thoughts? I feel confident about our ability, and yesterday can't but be good for the team.


  1. So did we decide only 8 dunks? Either way.

    I can't find a lot of info about Dayton. Coincidentally, in the same Slate article Chris cited that mentioned NDSU as a hate-worthy team, Dayton is dismissed as the "luckiest" team in the tourney because of their propensity for squeaking out close wins. Slate claims that means they aren't as good as their record; I'm not so sure.

    But with the stats that are available, I don't see any particular reason to fear them. Apparently they're good defensively, but not necessarily great. Their assist-to-turnover ratio is only 1 to 1, which should make them vulnerable to our pressure.

    Our fans should be able to come in now and buy up NDSU's tickets.

    This seems like as favorable a 2nd-round matchup as we could hope for -- 'Hawks by 10 once again.

  2. Great game. It ended just before I ran to an audition where I ran into Richard Brooks - Robinette on LAW & ORDER. He was told he was three hours early for his audition, and he got that furrowed brow that fans of the show are so familiar with.

    Anyway, props to Appleton for playing great D just after his friend was shot three times in the chest. Sounds like a case for Robinette.

    Win this next one for Tyrone!

  3. Done!

    Sweet 16!

    Coach of the year!

    First triple-double in KU history!

    Wait, what was that last one? Yes, first in the tourney since Wade; and first involving blocks since Shaq. But in KU history? Well, says so, but I assume that's because they didn't count blocks when Wilt played in Lawrence . . .

    Either way, Rock Chalk!