Thursday, March 12, 2009

Big 12 Blog-a-thon

And we're off...

Anyone catch Texas Tech's comeback against the Aggies last night? Sort of takes the curse off of our loss in Lubbock, but wow, I've never seen a team look as flummoxed as Turgeon and co. at the end of that game. Does this lock them out of the Dance for sure?

KU-Baylor is T-minus 80 minutes -- I'll be furtively following it at the office.

I hope you're all on board, and online, for the rest of our 2009 run.


  1. Was a hell of a finish last night. Seemed like A&M had the dejected look of a losing team once the game was tied . . . not the reaction I expected.

    Locked out? But they're still a top-30 RPI team, no? The announcers last night seemed to think they were in no matter what. That surprised me, but then so did their RPI ranking; guess we'll see soon enough.

    Mr Sido claims to have found a breakfast place with a tv, so we should soon be watching this 9:30am game. West coast sure presents its share of challenges to fans.
    In any case, will try to post a comment or two after the tip.

    Rock Chalk.

  2. You're right, I may have put it too strongly. Let's go to the paper of record:

    NYT: "The theory that Texas A&M is a lock for an at-large berth to the N.C.A.A. tournament will certainly be tested."

  3. Nice find, sir.

    Rough start to this one! Yikes!

    Still early. They can't stay this hot, right??

  4. I was justified in being a little nervous. Baylor's a hugely talented group that just never seemed to figure out a way to play defense. Looks like the matchup zone may be the formula they were looking for.

  5. And is our own defense getting more porous? It seems like we've been getting sliced and diced a lot more in the last few games... Every time I squint over at the TV, I see the Bears taking us off the dribble with ease.

  6. Strong finish!

    Seems like we figured something out.
    Taylor again looking great.

  7. Finish to the first, that is.

    I agree about our defense, though I tend to worry more about offense. I've heard that defense wins games, but offense is where the party's at.

  8. Up 5 now. Weren't we down 17 at one point or did I imagine that? Still a lot of time left, though.

  9. Way too close.


    Let's settle down and win this!

  10. "And we're off" is right.

    Off the 2 line in the seeding.

    What are we now, a 4?

  11. Wouldn't you know it, as soon as I start to celebrate, that's when our boys start to stink up the joint.

    What a horrendous display in the last few minutes. I don't know where the party was, Yance, but it wasn't on offense.

  12. 4 sounds about right, although that would be very unusual for the winner of a major conference.

    Self fell "in love with this team" too soon. The asterisk is most definitely back.

  13. I agree on the 4, but I've been told that we should still be a "protected" seed even as a 4, which ought to mean Kansas City . . .

    So at least there's that.

    I sure hope that the 2nd Mizzou game wasn't the peak for this team. Seems like we haven't really clicked since then.

  14. It seemed like there was a lot of talk that a KC berth was up for grabs between KU and OU, but I would think with the pod system (which, at the risk of repeating myself, is actually monstrously unfair) both teams could go.

    I need not remind you, however, that our record at the Sprint Center this season is 1-2.

    This loss stings more than other early Big 12 exits I can remember. We really needed at least to get to the final to firm up the resume and go into the Dance on the right note.

    As Butters would say, "Ehh, raspberries!"

  15. At least we'll be well rested for the big dance. Do yo guys really think we'll drop to a 4? I was hoping still a 3.

  16. Usually a team that wins a major conference gets a 1 or a 2 seed. But since the conventional wisdom is that we would not have won the Big 12 w/out Blake Griffin's injury, the committee probably already had us penciled in more as a 3-going-on-2 after we beat Oklahoma.

    Now after two bad losses in the last 8 days, we're probably more of a 4-going-on-3. I'm sure our national ranking will drop closer to 20, which would translate to about a 4 seed at best. The fact that we won the conference is going to be considered something of a fluke.

    I'm not saying it really was a fluke. I think this team at its best can compete with anyone in the country -- all the more shame that we didn't get that rematch with OU.

  17. Im saying 4 now. Gaargh!

  18. At least the evil UCONN lost last night.

    So there's some pleasure on the college basketball landscape.

  19. And Pitt.

    And Oklahoma.

    Almost wish I'd been in the mood to watch some of those games . . .

    Certainly puts us in a different light--one of many top 20 teams to fall in lame conference tournaments.

    Of course, those other teams probably had less riding on their games, but whatever.

  20. And now Baylor beats Texas to go to the championship game.

    Crazy conference tourneys . . .

  21. The Kansas legislature has taken strong action in the wake of the Baylor loss. I'm usually an advocate of activist government, but I don't know...

  22. Just got back in, and missed the Show, but I hear we're a 3, and that we'll be in MN . . . so it looks like again my predictions have been off.

    But that's cool--I like the respect of the higher seed, and really once you're leaving the state, it might as well be a drive to Minnesota. (And as Deron said, the Sprint Center hasn't been kind anyway.)

    This team is insanely, wonderfully unpredictable, but I see no reason not to expect a Sweet 16.

    And you?

  23. Um, hello?