Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Will he stay or will he go?

There's a nice article about Sherron on If we somehow make it back into the final four this year is it likely that Sherron will go? Surprisingly the article says that Sherron is going to leave it up to Self to decide. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that Self will want Sherron to head the team for sure next year. If we can hang on to Aldrich and Sherron we will be, with out question, one of the most dominate teams in the nation. Who knows how things will work out though. I think we actually turned into a better all around team having lost Julian a couple years ago. But I think the case is very different wit Sherron. I don't know if you could really fault Sherron for going but I think he could be even better if he waited one more year. Is everybody too focused on Friday to care about this issue yet? Thoughts?


  1. One NBA scout's assessment of Sherron, as told last month to Seth Davis:

    "His problem is, he's a scoring point guard and he's small. I'm not sure how that translates to our game, so I'm a little ambivalent. ... Those little guys who are combo guards kind of make me nervous, but given what he's done this year I think he plays in the league because he can score and he has toughness."

    I think Sherron should stay another year and add assists to his repertoire. Despite his stellar performance in the past two games he's not done very well this year on assist-to-turnover ratio.

    The NBA puts such a premium on height -- a guy Sherron's size has a much higher bar for performance than say, a J.R. Giddens.

    One interesting wild card here is uber-recruit Lance Stephenson, rumored to be on the verge of picking Kansas. If he were to suit up for us next season, Sherron's scoring numbers might go down and the spotlight would shift away from him -- but on the other hand Kansas would instantly be a frontrunner in the title race, and Sherron would have the opportunity to really boost those assist numbers with Lance on the wing.

    But hey, why aren't we asking this question about Cole as well?

  2. I think Cole is more likely to leave than Sherron. But I'd say there's at least a fifty/fifty chance they stay.

    This is where it gets fun. Great opponents, no pressure, playing in blue instead of white.

    Once we put on the blues last year (starting with UNC) we just started having fun.

    So, hopefully tomorrow will follow suit.

  3. Great color comment, Chris, and great point about fun. If the amount of excitement and fun this team generates becomes a key factor, then tomorrow should be a breeze.

    Well, maybe not a breeze. But I feel good about the game.

    I have trouble picturing Sherron in the NBA, but his attitude would certainly be an asset . . .

    As soon as the triple-double stat went up, talk among the Seattle alums (at least those at our table) turned to the question of whether Cole stays. He looked awfully good in a game that got a decent amount of attention. And since it's a down year (or so I've heard), he may go higher now than later.

    On the other hand, he showed incredible patience (it now appears) in sitting for most of last season, so I see no reason to expect him to jump early, especially when it's becoming clear, as Deron says, that if he returns we would be just awesome.

  4. And inevitably, Whitlock weighs in.

    Good point about the "Blues," Chris.