Saturday, March 07, 2009

KU Big XII Champs; Kleinmann: The white Bill Russell

That's right b*tches! Five Rings for the Kleinmann, he is unstoppable! :)

Anyway, it was good to see us gather ourselves in a tough grind it out game and pull it out, even if it was at home. Damion James was having a great game, but Aldrich and Taylor woke up just in time to put an end to it. Seems like they let Pittman bang a lot in that game, we're going to be in trouble at whatever point in the tourney Aldrich gets into foul trouble. If we can weather that part of the game, we might be able to sneak out another elite 8 I think.


  1. I thought Bill Walton was the white Bill Russell.

    Maybe the "ginger" Bill Russell? No, that's Bill Walton, too.

    It seemed like we went deliberately soft on defense late in the first half -- the Twins sat and Aldrich let Pittman run roughshod over him, apparently to pre-empt foul trouble.

    For a while there it looked like we were going to give up two streaks -- the nation-leading home win streak and the streak of holding opponents to under 50 percent shooting, which goes back about as long, I think. But both live on, wooooo!!

    It's funny how every game against Texas that doesn't take place in Austin goes this way for the 'Hawks -- the 'Horns start out on fire but run out of steam. You'd think Barnes would learn.

  2. Good point about playing Texas at home, dgl.

    Is A&M still the only Big 12 south school to beat us at Allen?
    That's an impressive stat, but not great for the league . . .

    I was just talking up the KU/Texas rivalry as being (recently) more exciting than KU/Mizzou, but perhaps that's only true of the games in Austin?

    Such an impressive season for this young team. I hear Bill is the Big 12 coach of the year (one of many league accolades), and he has to be on the shortlist for national coach of the year, no?

  3. Keep it coming!

    In case you missed the blurb over on

    "So far, KU’s Self has been named national coach of the year by Sporting News, Yahoo Sports, Athlon Magazine, and"

    Couple more of those and he might just earn himself a new post here!

    Thoughts on tomorrow's possible match-up? Or the conference tourney as a whole?

    Does a win get us a 2 seed?

    Can we beat a full-strength OU?
    I for one hope to see us get the chance to find out!