Thursday, March 05, 2009

Wait, What?

I don't even know what we can say about last night.

(Photo from

Better now than in a post-season game, I suppose.

Have we won a single game in Lubbock this century? What gives?

But hey, we won the Big 12, so it's not all doom and gloom . . .


  1. On top of the general suck-fest, it wasn't nice to see Aldrich come don on his ankle like that at the end and wince. Looked like he walked it off though.

  2. That's definitely the correct headline, YHD.

    Something about that Bob Knight motion offense -- Self just can't seem to coach against it effectively on the road.

    I hate to needle our guys, but I can't help but think Sherron was dealt some poetic justice from the basketball gods for his ball-hogging display at OU. (He did have 4 assists, though, and would have gotten more if his teammates had been hitting.)

    Odd that Cole always struggles against the smaller teams. Hope that sprain is of the quick-healing variety...

    In some ways, this isn't as bad to me as the UMass game. UMass didn't even play very well in that one; we just sort of pissed it away. This one could be explained by the statistical anomaly of a kid on senior night going 9-14 from beyond the arc. Tech really DID play well.

    For us, a one seed in the Big Dance is an impossibility now, and we're going to have to win the conference tourney to get a 2, I think. Good news about that is we've clinched the 1 seed for the Big 12 tourney, so we don't have to face Mizzou or OU till the final.