Sunday, April 06, 2008

A Little Bit Louder Now!


  1. BTW,edited my pics below, the towercam one kept changing.

  2. That was without question the greatest KU victory since 1988 -- hopefully soon to be eclipsed...

  3. WOW! Best game ever! The first 15min and last 10 were nearly perfect. How great was Aldrich!? He's going to be a big time player next year.

    It was actually hard to find a place to watch the game downtown. People camped out in front of places like buffalo wild wings at like 7:00 am. Jefferson's was charging $30 an hour for a table. Kevin and I and a few other friends actually went to the Jazzhouse. Not only did they not open until 4:30 but they actually have a big projection screen. Totally by chance Kevin and I ran into Steve Heinz (sp?) there. Immediately after the game it was complete mayhem on mass. Extra police were brought in from KC but there were no big incidents. The cops all seemed to be having a good time. Although just after 2:00 they started forcing people to dump their drinks. There's some nice video on youtube. Wish you guys could be here... especially tomorrow! It's going to be awesome!

    Scott, has your head exploded yet? I take it you'll be rooting for memphis like you always said you would?