Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Lawrence Kansas: the happiest place on earth!

Lawrence is truly loving this experience. Monday night was the craziest yet but it never got too out of control. I've never high-fived so many people in my life! It was wall to wall fans and joyful chaos on mass last night. It was a bit chilly and it did start raining around 2am but nothing was going to ruin the celebration. After 3 nights of crazy downtown celebration my scooter now permanently smells of beer.

Today classes were canceled and there was a big welcome home party for the team at the football stadium. I heard Self initially wanted to have it at the Fieldhouse. It's a good thing they didn't because, despite the cold weather, the stadium was nearly full! Max hosted the event and it was truly special. The crowd went crazy when they introduced Chalmers. It's funny but many of the players were clearly more rattled and fazed by speaking in front of such a large crowd than they were playing in such a big game. Self even joked that it was actually easier to understand Kaun's speech than Aldrich's ramblings. But it's all good -- Lawrence is loving it!

After the ceremony at the stadium I went downtown with a few friends to purchase some championship T-shirts and we happened to run into a few other friends of mine:

Here I am with Brady Morningstar and Chase Buford.

And my good buddy Rodrick Stewart.

And this last pic from downtown Lawrence speaks for itself... priceless!

They finally did it and I got to be here for it! I couldn't be happier... unless people would stop talking about whether Self is going to OSU -- he's not!

My only regret is that I totally forgot to get a few copies of the Lawrence Journal World today... sorry Scott.

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  1. Nice of you to pose for pictures with those guys, Aaron. Must be fans of the blog, I guess.

    Awesome. Thanks for posting those.

    But where does that car's owner get off calling himself KU's "#1 fan?"