Monday, April 07, 2008

The Juggernaut

This is it, baby -- the big one.

We've been talking about this matchup since these two teams were ranked 1st and 2nd back in January. Since then, both teams took a bit of a hit, but both have recovered to play their best basketball at the right time.

Especially Memphis. Rose and CDR are playing at an NBA level right now; can our guards rise to the occasion?

This is the first game in a long time in which I think KU could play great and still lose. Memphis is long, athletic and defensively-minded enough to give our players fits.

On the plus side: Just as they're the best team we've faced all year, the reverse is also true. CBS Sportsline's breakdown shows both teams statistically about even, actually giving a slight edge to Kansas.

But this is the way you would script it, isn't it? In yet another parallel to 1988, we're playing an absolute juggernaut in the title game. Let's relish the underdog status once again and make it happen...

We beat OU 83-79. This time, how about: KU, 80-77.


  1. How would you describe your game, Brandon?


    80-77 sounds good to me.

    Who's going to be our bench miracle worker tonight? Tyrel Reed?

  2. I'll take that score.

    Seems like Mario's due for a good one, so I wouldn't be surprised by a wider margin.

    Seems like DJax is also due; not a bench player, but maybe he'll work a few for Chris?

    I just hope we get to hear one more refrain of our "haunting Rock, Chalk, Jayhawk".

    (And by the way: Heels worst loss ever? That I can live with.)

  3. Nice bit about Jacque Vaughn reciting inspirational poetry to the team on kusports.

    KU coach Bill Self said, "It was really cool when Jacque talked to our team. Jacque is as good a guy as there is. What a great ambassador he has been for our university."

    And Danny into the Hall! Things are looking up, right? . . .

    Nervous? Me? Yes.

    But I love this game already. Love it.

  4. That's a great article.

  5. Not sure I could ask for much more in the first.