Sunday, April 06, 2008

Any Kansas fans in need of closure got it in spades Saturday night."

One of the more heart-wrenching moments of the night came in the final minutes, just before the fans started their traditional Rock Chalk chant. The first chanted the name of Rodrick Stewart . . . Stewart broke down into tears before exiting the floor. He served as a source of inspiration for his team all night, with teammates keeping him involved by giving him words of encouragement during each break in the action. . .

Rodrick Stewart on watching the game hurt and losing control of his emotions late: “They used it as motivation, and every time they came over in the timeout, they would just say ‘Keep your head up’ and stuff like that. But it’s all about the team. I don’t know if my knee really helped motivate us. I hope it did. It looked like it did. Whatever worked. Played with a lot of energy and had a lot of fun out there ... I was over there crying, trying to hold it in the whole time, but I think that set it off a little bit with the fans chanting my name.”

Everybody’s saying ‘How you gonna stop them? How you gonna run with them?’ How you gonna stop us? . . . everybody’s worried about how we’re going to run with them and we ran them.”

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  1. A-plus on the whole thing.

    Too bad, I guess, about Carolina's run, but I'll take it. My favorite bit of coverage was Kevin Romary on Channel 6 saying " . . . up at one point by twenty-eight. Are you kidding me?"

    And speaking of that video, I recommend watching it. If nothing else, it's worth it for the multiple cuts to downtown Lawrence, which almost always involve the reporters being swarmed by cheering fans. . . . Looks like one wonderful, wonderful party.