Saturday, April 05, 2008

Let's do it

Breaking news . . .

I'm changing my prediction. KU wins 81-75.

I should have announced this at the football stadium.

The only thing that can offset that is if Rush has a career game. As talented as he is, there are times when he is reluctant to take the game over. You don't have to worry about that with Hansbrough. He'll take the game over when the time comes. That's kind of why I lean towards Carolina.

"Whatever he’s doing … I advise him to keep doing it.”

It's always hard picking against Hansbrough, but I've got a feeling that Kansas' whole is just a little bit better than the sum of North Carolina's parts.

The Jayhawks have a tendency to rise up for these kinds of games, and as much as they are praised for their balance, it tends to be Chalmers and Rush that play the biggest in the biggest games.

They don't come any bigger than Kansas vs. North Carolina in the Final Four.

"The tough part was getting here," Arthur said. "Now we can just let the shackles down and go play basketball."

Let the beer flow and let's win this one for Rodrick.


  1. Yeah! Yeah!

    OK, I'm pumped up now.

  2. Finally a good omen going into today's game.

    Thanks, Mr Lee, for the announcement.

    Rock Chalk!

  3. I fixed one of the links.

    From that article:

    "Take your Roy Williams storylines and stuff them in your empty Coke bottle."