Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Guess who got an official Chalmer's jersey signed by all 17 players? This is probably the last time I'm going to actually wear it. I think I'll get it framed. I'm not sure exactly how much I could get for it on ebay but I'm not going to sell it. ROCK CHALK!

Sheron's signature (lower right) is especially cool -- Chalmer's and Rush's are right in the middle.


  1. Yes, I'm jealous. Dammit, Aaron.

    You're right; Sherron does make a pretty autograph. Who knew?

  2. LJW says Brandon is gone and Shady will "test the waters" but not hire an agent. Press conference for both this afternoon.

  3. both are going... is it good news that Chalmers wasn't at the press conference? The talk around here is that he'll probably stay.

    Rush says there's no looking back but Arthur did say there's a chance he could pull out of the draft.

  4. More on the presser here.

    Sounds like there's still a strong possibility Shady might come back -- he wants to go in the lottery, but word is that's not guaranteed by any means.

    On the other hand, Self also says don't assume Mario IS staying just b/c he hasn't made any declarations yet...

  5. Mario's declaring - no agent.

    "If everything works out postiively, I'll stay in the draft, if not, I'll come back and lead KU to another national championship."

  6. Hmmm.

    Hard to complain about Mario, and I get the decision, but that comment sure rubs me the wrong way.

    Still a great jersey, though, Aaron.

  7. I'd say we still have a good shot to return both Darell and Mario. Quite a swing there -- between being a title contender again next year or struggling just to get a decent seed.

    One thing working against Mario in the draft: Abrams and Augustine are putting their names in the hat as well. ("Texas upperclassman" is really becoming an oxymoron these days.)

    I have no problem with Mario's decision or his comment. This one, however:

    "That shot is a one-in-a-million chance," Chalmers said. ... "That was a good shot and it brought us a national championship, but I think it's just time to move on from that."

    NO! I refuse to move on.

  8. that's awesome aaron, congrats.