Saturday, March 03, 2007



That may be the most incredible game I've seen at Allen. To have Texas play so insanely well the first half; and then to start the second half with like a 22-7 run; and then (despite some sloppy play--but let's forget the negatives for a minute) that clutch play at the end (in particular Julian's block and Russel's free-throw) . . . awesome. Yes.

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  1. From ESPN's Bill Simmons:

    "Kansas proved that ...

    A. When it needed it, the Jayhawks can hit another gear that no other college team currently possesses (not even Florida). Barring a late-minute switch because of something that happens this week, I'm picking them to win the title.

    B. It's the deepest, most talented, most flexible team in the country. For instance, the Jayhawks abandoned the pound-it-inside game plan when they fell behind by 16, switched to run-and-gun and dropped 48 points in the second half. Just an awesome performance."

    From Bill Self:

    "“We have learned that one-possession games will probably determine the success of our postseason,” Self said. “We have to make sure we make the most of every possession. The one thing that I like is that we've won eight in a row and we've had eight great performers in those games. We have to accept that we are a team with balance and if we are in sync, we are pretty good, but we can't get individuals off an island and think we'll play through them. We need to stay focused on what we do as opposed to what ‘I’ do and the individual things will come."