Saturday, March 17, 2007



  1. Damn, can't see these at this computer. Have to wait till Monday.

    OK, I have to echo Chris now on this one: Ohio State is the most annoying team in the country (after Florida, of course). They play so passively and let inferior teams take them to the wire, yet always seem to calmly insert the dagger at the end. They can't keep this up... can they?

    Nice to see the Aggies advancing today. Now that they've toppled Pitino and co. in Lexington they've got home court advantage all the way till Atlanta. I have them knocking off the Buckeyes in my bracket, but who knows?

    That win also marks the end of David Padgett's college career, I believe. You should have stayed in Lawrence, Dave -- you coulda' been a contender.

  2. Scratch that... Padgett's still a junior; I guess he got an extra year. Ha, ha, no hard feelings, right Dave?