Friday, March 09, 2007

Do we want to win this thing or not? Does it really help, or does it wind you for the Big Dance? How many games do we need to guarantee a #1 seed? Did UCLA's loss guarantee us the #1 already? Thoughts?


  1. I don't think UCLA losing assures us of anything; UNC, Florida and Wisconsin could play themselves into solid #1 territory if we give them an opening by losing early on.

    But it's a good question; winning would assure us the #1, and it would be great to knock off A&M if we get the chance, but it's also true that no KU team has won the conference tourney and made the Final Four since that great 1986 season.

    Still, given the choice between winning or losing, I'd prefer winning. Florida did it last year, and Duke and UNC have done it in the past. Surely three or four days rest is enough.

    Let's take it all!

  2. Only up by 3 early in the 2nd. It appears OU has our number.

  3. Pushed it to 11 now, largely behind Kaun's great 2nd half. He's been great lately

  4. In the OU timeout I'll add this response to Scott's question: I think we need this one, and I would like to at least make it to the championship game. . . . Though, all things being equal, we ought to win it.

  5. Wow! Since I posted a few minutes ago we've gone on a 16-2 run. 17-pt. lead w/ 11:20 left.

    I'm only following this on the game tracker, so I haven't been witness to Sasha's uber-dominance... but as his stoutest defender on this blog I will take your apologies now.

  6. Yes, you're right: I apologize. He even hit a free-throw to put us up by 8. And some big-time rebounds to key the run. . . .

    Currently 58-35 with 5:32 on the clock. Hell yes.