Saturday, March 10, 2007

KU 67, KSU 61

I'm going to chalk up the ugliness in this game to fatigue (back-to-back games), competition (K-State was good defensively), and boredom (K-State again?).

It was a good game for Mario, who's got ice in his veins lately; a good homecoming for DJ, whose conversion of both shots on that one-and-one towards the end might have been the biggest play of the game; and a nice bounceback from Sherron.

But in the second half we lost our edge on defense (they started to get penetration) and especially on the boards (outrebounded by 10 after halftime)... We can't let that happen again.

Our guys looked more winded at the end of this one than Durant and co. did against OSU today. We may be looking at a reversal of last year's final: the team of young upstarts avenging an earlier road loss against the more experienced top seed. Anyway, it is exciting for us to get one more showdown with Durant before he departs for one of the NBA's bottom-feeders.

Bring on the 'Horns! (After some time in the sauna, that is...)


  1. Oh yes, and a word to the Committee:

    All I ask is that you send us to St. Louis or San Antonio. And please don't put Florida in our regional.

    Thanks and good night.

  2. Why Florida? I'm not scared of them. In the immortal words of George W Bush, "Bring it on."

    Hopefully Kevin Durant will pass out unconscious in the fisrt half today. KU 85 TX 80.

  3. Well, at half-time Durant seems fine, and we are in the midst (let's hope) of another improbable comeback against UT.

    I disagree, though, with you Scott: I want to win over a healthy Durant.

    I'm inclined to agree with Deron about Florida (who is our 2 currently on Lunardi's site, I believe), but could we beat them again? I think so: if anything, we're better now than when we beat them. . . .