Thursday, March 01, 2007

All Hail Texas! Death to Texas!

Best-case scenario for Kansas last night. Texas beats A&M, but it takes them like three hours to do it. Kansas is finally alone at #1 in the conference and assured no less than a share of the title.

And again, the chips keep falling into place for a #1 seed. We said last week that we'd need to win out (true so far), that A&M would have to lose (thank you, Kevin Durant), and that one of the top teams would have to collapse (thanks, Florida). I wonder if certain commentators are ready to eat some crow.

But the question still is: do we even want the 1 seed?

And, after watching Durant and Augustin last night, what do you guys think will happen on Saturday?


  1. However, now if we lose to Texas we get the #3 Seed in the Big 12 Tourney. If A&M had won, we would've been assured the #2 seed.

  2. Still I say we win by 8 points on Saturday and add another year on the banner in the rafters.

  3. If we lose to Texas we deserve the 3 seed in the tourney; maybe a 3 in the Big Dance as well.

    I like us by 12 to 15; it'll be close in the first half but their fatigue will start to show in the second.

  4. I like your thinking, Deron.

    We need to, can, and will win on Saturday. I just hope there's a trophy on hand, so Texas can watch us have the celebration they stole from us last year . . .

  5. Now UNC seems to have joined Florida in the collapse; seems like a win Saturday means we'd almost have to get the 1.

    By the bye, did you all realize it's KU's 50th conference title? The most of any program. 50.

  6. I'm pleased that today Mike Decourcy, one of the worst offenders of the "no way can KU be a 1 seed" commentary, will be doing a live chat on

    I wonder if he'll change his tune.

    I agree that a 2 in friendlier regions would probably be better. But it's nice to see us stacking up so well against the competition. If we come out tomorrow like we have been (and don't soften up like we did at OU) then we'll really look like the dominant team nationally.

    Other than maybe UCLA who pretty much has to be the #1 overall.

  7. Change it he did:
    "Until last night, I still had North Carolina as a No. 1 seed, but I don't see how the Tar Heels can get that now unless everybody else steps back or they win the ACC Tournament. Right now, it'd be UCLA (No. 1 overall), Ohio State, Kansas and probably Wisconsin."

    Nice call, there, Leeroy.