Thursday, March 15, 2007

And We're Off!

Just a few hours in and we've already lost Texas Tech. I had them winning that game, but this is hardly a surprise.

Go ORU! Put the 900-foot Jesus in!


  1. Mmm, not such a good afternoon for me. All three of my upset picks -- ORU, ODU and TX Tech -- were busts.

    At least A&M recovered -- a loss there would have ended my bracket hopes real fast.

  2. What's with all of the better seeds winning every game? Where are the upsets? Hope that doesn't mean that it's us.

  3. And then it was Duke.

    Way to go Rams!

    If that's the only real upset from day one (9 over 8? nah), I can live with that.

  4. Yeah, the announcers on CBS actually said Xavier "upset" BYU. Give me a break.

    Awful day for me. Every game where there was any doubt whatsoever, I picked wrong.

    Even the pleasure of seeing Duke go down was tempered by the fact that VCU's players acted like jerks. Is it really necessary to talk trash to scrawny Greg Paulus the entire game? Pick on someone your own size...

    And the refs let that Maynor guy get away with the Kobe Bryant shot, follow-through, elbow-to-the face move, then it appeared the VCU coaches were laughing about it as Scheyer went to the bench w/ blood gushing from his face.

    An interesting philosophical issue: whom do you root for when Cinderella turns out to be an a-hole?

  5. Congrats, Scott. Touch-and-go there for Memphis at first.

    The upsets may be starting to happen now... Winthrop and A&M-Corpus Christi, anyone? I picked the former but not the latter--still early in that one, though.

  6. Wetzel4:08 PM

    Hope you're watching the A&M CC game, Deron--Cinderella baby! (I also hope this is the Deron Lee I went to Trinity with...)