Thursday, November 09, 2006


It's been a week of dramatic exits: Rumsfeld, Santorum, Katherine Harris, Jim Ryun, Phill Kline, George Allen (99.5% sure)...

... And sadly, C.J. Giles. Hasta la vista to all.


  1. Man, what did CJ do to get on a list with Katherine Harris?

    Guess it's his own fault, in the end.

    How badly does this hurt us?

    We survived Emporia State just fine (90-55 was the final: I had the margin right, but was off by 15 points score-wise, so I think Ismail gets this one).
    For some Collins highlights, click here. He stood out in the game, from what I hear, and that's a good sign, since the "D-II players are short" concern shouldn't affect evaluations of a 5'11" player. (Is there a "D-II players are slow" issue? Perhaps, but I like this Collins kid's game.)

    In any event, we'll be tested soon enough: the Florida game is only two weeks from Saturday. . . .

  2. How about NAU?
    1st real game.
    I see they're ranked in the preseason mid-major top 25 poll. (Huh?)

    I also see that their tallest player is 6'9".

    What say 90-70 KU?

  3. Did anyone see this game? Were "the crossover" and "the dunk" as spectacular as some are saying? I can't wait to see this team play- when is the first game I can watch out here? It looks like Arthur is ready to play right now- losing Giles wont hurt us at all. In fact, it looks like we now have a nice 8 man rotation.