Wednesday, November 15, 2006



  1. At least it is early! We can overcome the curse. So long as we don't make the cover anytime near the first round tournament game I am not too concerned.

  2. Chris tried to prevent this last month, but the bastards didn't listen.

    Not sure how our team provides evidence that "Big is Back." They should have put Noah or that Ohio State freshman on the cover.

  3. Turns out this is just a regional cover, so I don't think the curse applies.

  4. But Deron, we are their preseason #1, so if the curse lingers, it is attached to us.

  5. It's the SI cover jinx. I've never heard of the SI preseason #1 jinx.

    By the way, a "Word" of warning about tonight's opponent, Oral Roberts, as voiced by Stephen Colbert in the run-up to last year's NCAAs:

    "Remember when televangelist and University founder Oral Roberts said, quote, 'I felt an overwhelming holy presence all around me. When I opened my eyes, there he stood ... some 900 feet tall, looking at me.'"

    "'He,' of course, is Him, the Christ our Savior, Jesus. That's right, Oral Roberts has a 900-foot Jesus on their side. They can start cutting down the nets now. ..."

    "I mean, He can dunk from the other end of the court! And you cannot deny Him the ball. ..."

    "Now, before you basketball 'purists' start sending me emails about his eligibility, remember: Jesus lives outside of time. He's eligible forever. ..."

    "... And don't bother hoping for a groin pull. He can heal Himself."