Saturday, November 25, 2006

Honeymoon In Vegas

This is the big one, folks. The one you circled on your calendar. The hated defending champs on a neutral court.

First, on a personal note: sadly, due to a scheduling glitch, I'll be on a plane coming back from Thanksgiving during most of this game. I'm recording it and plan to watch when I get home, so I can't stress this enough: DO NOT call me at any point either during or after the game tonight, either with good news or bad. I won't answer, because I want to follow it as if in real time.

Predictions? It's hard envisioning a Kansas victory, considering that Florida's looked great so far while we've been mediocre at best. Our primary weakness at this point--frontcourt play--is their strength. A Gator blowout would not surprise me.

On the other hand ... we do have the better backcourt, which is often the most important factor in college hoops. If Russell and co. can pressure their guards into some turnovers and sloppy offensive sequences, we could nullify Noah and Horford down low.

Also, look at the intangibles. We're going to be playing angry; we've got cocky, talented young players who want to make their bones tonight on the national stage.

So what the hell? Let's say KU takes it, 80-77.


  1. I second (the thought that we'll win, that is; should be able to watch it live, though I promise to resist the urge to dial).

    From what I hear (was in Chicago & so unable to watch), the Ball St. game was ugly, but it doesn't shock me that the players may have been a bit distracted. Can this team have two ugly games in a row? Probably, but I wouldn't count on it.

    I like Deron's numbers, but I'll go a bit more and foresee some closing-seconds foul-shooting.
    Thus, 82-73 KU.

    Here's hoping.

  2. My oh my.

    Where to begin?

    Julian, who was incredible, with like 21 points, a ton of rebounds, and some beautiful assists?
    Darrell Arthur's clutch free-throw shooting?
    Or Rus Rob, with ice in his veins?

    Highlights tomorrow; tonight we celebrate.

    Rock Chalk!