Monday, November 13, 2006

NAU Highlights

We're running into a problem here, as all our major contributors except Scott are now out of the Jayhawk viewing area and can only see the nationally televised games.

But the reports are all encouraging from Saturday's season opener (finally!) against NAU--real competition this time, and we exceeded even Yancy's optimistic prediction of a 20-point blowout (nearly doubled it). See highlights here (scroll down) and here (right column).

I'd have to concur with orjayhawk's comment (below thread) that the loss of CJ probably won't hurt and may even help solidify the rotation--as long as Sasha comes back and we don't lose anyone else up front.

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  1. I don't know about Oregon or DC, but it turns out that for us here in western Illinois, all the games are available on pay-per-view (ESPN's "Full Court"); I don't understand what that means; I don't know what it costs; but I will watch KU play Oral Roberts tomorrow evening.

    I think we'll win it, but unless someone else starts it, I have no predictions to offer.

    I'm not sure (regarding Mr Pekin's question from the previous thread) if it was "the dunk" or not, but Arthur's one-handed catch-and-slam (on the 6news highlight video) was awful pretty. . . .

    Oh, and this isn't really news, but Lunardi has us (along with, as everybody, I suppose) UNC, Florida as 1. (Who's the fourth? UCLA (?))