Friday, November 03, 2006

Ichabods Slain

Those who actually saw it (Scott? Aaron?) should weigh in, but I like what I'm hearing about last night's game. See video highlights here, here, and here (right column).

One caveat to Darrell's great debut: as Chris and I were discussing earlier this week, it is relatively easy for a big man to be impressive playing against puny D-1 centers; Sasha looked like Wilt Chamberlain in last year's exhibition games, as I recall.

Still, Darrell's highlights are impressive: the steal, the runout, the turnaround J. And Sherron looked good, too.

Yancy wins the "pool."


  1. AP has us at #3, with all the 1st-place votes going either to Florida or UNC.

    Also, Fox Sports' Goodman suggests that Giles' reinstatement to the team (he can't play until next semester) is merely so he can serve as an "insurance policy" for the injury to Kaun and potential injuries to other big men. And, ominously, he says that Bobby Huggins may have scored the top recruiting class in the nation.

  2. But Goodman does rank us at #2 and predicts we'll win the conference and make the national title game.

    First we must brave the juggernaut that is Emporia State. I say we win by 40.

  3. I am going to go out on a limb and boldly claim a 32 point victory. I agree that the timing on the Giles reinstatement is a bit suspect- but the whole thing always felt a bit like a show to me. Since when is Self and big time college athletics in the business of helping young people? I don't think Self should expect to pull that off. Who is going to Las Vegas for the Florida game?

  4. Sorry it took me to post so long after watching the game. I was out of town visiting the Caldwells in Winfield, KS.

    Anyway, The big story was of course Darrell Arthur. His speed and quickness on defense for a big guy is unreal. There were a couple of passes that he stole that looked more like defensive back interceptions the way he dove for them. Collins looked a little nervous and blew by some guys and missed the chippie layup. He eventually seemed to settle down though. Wright, Chalmers, and Robinson looked the same. Darnell Jackson pushed their big guys around like rag dolls, but they were a pretty tiny team. He won't be able to do that against Big 12 Competition or Florida.

    Our defense at times, though, certainly did not look sharp. We allowed some easy slashing baskets to white dudes and also let them shoot from three whenever they wanted. looks like we haven't really gelled on that side of the court yet this season. I think Giles and Kahn being out hurts our cohesion and our being used to having an anchor in the middle and some fould to use.I think getting them back could resolve many of our defensive issues.

    Emporia State tonight. I'll go Hawks 97 Emp State 71.

  5. On the one hand, I like Scott's more conservative prediction (26, Scott's margin, is exactly half, by the way, of the point spread from KU's last win over Emporia State, in '02).

    We probably can't beat a time by 50 (maybe even 40) two times in a row; plus this team, however athletic, is no '02-'03 Jayhawk team in terms of points scored.
    Ah, screw it; 26 is too low. How about 105-70.

    Also: S**t! this Giles thing keeps getting worse. Battery? Of a 20 year-old female KU student?
    Off the team again, I'd wager.

  6. That is, we can't beat a team by 50 twice in a row.

    Guess the Giles excitement has me a little rattled.

  7. G-dammit, CJ.

    I can't deal with this now.