Friday, April 14, 2006

Will Rush Waver After Rush Waiver?

On April Fools Day, when some of us (OK, just me) were falling for Scott's fake news story about Brandon Rush being busted for possession (see earlier thread), we totally missed a real story that does not bode well for the Rush family: Kareem was waived by the Bobcats, a team not exactly loaded with talent to begin with.

Bobcats coach/GM Bernie Bickerstaff rubbed salt in the wound: "The Bobcats are about two things – hard work and maximum effort. With that in mind, we think that it is best to go in a different direction with Kareem."

As someone wrote in Kareem's Wikipedia entry, "This follows the unfortunate trend that bears with the Rush name, beginning with older brother JaRon Rush. Despite being hyped prior to the NBA draft for his athletic fluidity, JaRon's aspirations were cut short as a result of questionable work ethic."

Brandon was dogged by rumors that he had shown a similar lack of discipline (academically and athletically) as a prep player, but so far at KU he's been exemplary. Kareem's wiki entry also mentions Brandon: "He is reported to be the best Rush of the three, combining Kareem's shooting touch with JaRon's elite athleticism. With two older brothers to look up to and seek advice, he hopes to break this 'Rush jinx.'"

A more immediate concern is whether Kareem's sudden joblessness will give Brandon more incentive to enter the draft and replenish the family's revenue stream. But so far there are no signs of it; he reiterated his desire to stay at KU more than a week after Kareem's waiver.


  1. Well, neither Jaron nor Kareem had a coach that enforced much discipline.

    Bill Self is no renowned disciplinarian, but compared to Quin Snyder and Jim Harrick, he looks like Bobby Knight. 2 more years at least would mold Brandon nicely.

  2. BTW Deron, is that your punny headline or the source's?

  3. I'll take the credit/blame for the headline.

    I agree with you about the coaching factor. JaRon actually played for Steve Lavin, but of course that only reinforces your point.

  4. A handsome headline in any case.

    It seems to me that the drop-off at the end of the season is going to end up helping out the Jayhawks the most w/respect to Brandon. It's just not clear that he would be a 1st-round pick after the early exit and the decline in his numbers those last few games.

    2 more years may be a lot to ask; I'd be happy with one glorious year.

  5. More negative commentary on Kareem, from Fox Sports' Charley Rosen:

    "The MBA (MOST BLASE AWARD) goes to Kareem Rush, a highly skilled player who was cut from the Bobcats, despite his guaranteed contract, for his lackadaisical play. Rush's reaction was to shrug and say that the move was no big deal, and that he expected to sign on with another team."

    The good news from a KU perspective is the guaranteed contract. At least the Rush family will be able to maintain the lifestyle to which it has become accustomed ... for the time being.