Monday, April 03, 2006

Our Editorial Endorsement: UCLA

Saturday's games were both huge disappointments. My beloved hometown Patriots suddenly couldn't hit a jump shot to save their lives. While I had no preference between UCLA and LSU (brackets already shot to hell) I at least expected a competitive game, but Big Baby's performance was positively infantile.

I anticipate a more competitive game tonight, and hope to see the Bruins finally wipe the smirk off Joakim Noah's face. Ben Howland seems to be a classy guy, and their defense in particular is formidable; I may never refer to the Pac-10 as "soft" again.

I don't know if my co-bloggers will back me up on this endorsement. If not, reply below ...


  1. Is it just us, Deron?

    In any case, I concur. Not because of Donovan or Howland (or Wooden, for that matter), Noah or Afflalo, Bruin or Gator. I just like that U clapclapclap C clapclapclap, etc. fightsong . . .

  2. While I would prefer UCLA (pac 10 allegiance and all) I believe Florida will win easily. I just cant imagine UCLA holding Florida to the mid 50s. Florida can score insde and out. They are extremely athletic, and I don't think UCLA can stay with them inside. I say FL by 15.

    Congratulations on the job Scott!

  3. I was going to root for UCLA, until I saw Bill Walton singing the UCLA fight song.

    Now it's go Gators.

  4. BTW thank you for your congrats. drinks on me next time you see me. (except Yancy who has already cashed in).