Thursday, April 06, 2006

We're # 1 (or possibly 6)!

The pundits have released their preseason rankings and all have KU at least in the top ten. (Thanks to the Journal-World's Gary Bedore for showing us where to look).

KU is ranked first here, second here, fifth here, and sixth here.

According to Bedore, we're also ranked first on, but I couldn't find that. I did, however, find a story titled, "Will this be the year of the Jayhawks?" (subscription required), which may be what he was referring to.

Bracketology projects us as the #1 seed in the San Antonio region. The other #1s are UNC, Florida and UCLA.

Goodman of Fox Sports, who had us first, was the only one who based his rankings on the assumption that Noah was going pro. Presumably if Noah stays Florida moves to #1 in his poll, but if he leaves we could move past them in the other polls.

Doyel of CBS Sportsline, who ranked us lowest at 6, speculates that either Chalmers, Giles, Julian or Sasha will turn pro, yet he also bets that everyone from Florida is coming back. (Wasn't he also the one who predicted every #1 seed would advance to the Final Four?)

ESPN's Katz warns that Rush still could leave; this seems much more plausible to me, if still unlikely. Self did say he was going to check Brandon's draft status.

SI's Winn presumes that everyone is coming back, and speculates that the addition of Sherron Collins might prompt Self to go with a four-guard lineup. I'm not so sure that's a good idea, but it would be fun.

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