Sunday, April 09, 2006

Deron do your cats make this noise ever?

Cat Barks


  1. I lack the advanced technology necessary to hear this. But I think it's safe to say ... no.

    I did have a couple of delivery men in my apt. yesterday who were rather stunned by Theo's size, and commented that he could probably take most dogs.

    SJ, your posts are getting progressively weirder ...

  2. Theo is so huge he can make whatever the hell kind of noise he wants. He could definitely take my dog. That being said, I can't recall him ever having made a sound. DeRon, does he make any noise at all?

  3. Deron it's the off season.

    I'm allowed to be off topic. :)

  4. It's just we missed your trenchant basketball analysis, SJ; we didn't get much of it during the tourney.

    But yes, at this point, nothing's really off-topic.

    In that spirit: Yes, Ismail, Theo is the more reticent of the two cats. He does meow when he's hungry, which of course is often.

    But at least he knows how to meow. Ruby opens her mouth, but all that comes out is an anemic squeak. Very sad, really.

    She does have a very convincing growl, however. I know when not to f**k with her.