Thursday, April 06, 2006

Moving On

The tournament is over and there are signs that the world is moving on. Tom DeLay has quit his job (word is he DeLayed his announcement to turn funds raised in his campaign into a legal defense fund) Katie Couric is the new Dan Rather, hundreds of orthodox jews are burning police cars in Brooklyn, and a DHS deputy press secretary has been arrested for soliciting a minor over the internet.

More importantly, most sports news sites have posted their preliminary preseason rankings and KU is in the top 5 of most lists.

The one list where we're not in the top 5 (we're 6) has some interesting conjecture:

6. Kansas: And the No. 6 team doesn't look bad, either. Holy cow, all those freshmen are going to become sophomores. Brandon Rush already has said he's coming back. We're guessing one of the following underclassmen will turn pro -- Mario Chalmers, C.J. Giles, Julian Wright or Sasha Kaun -- but if so ... so what? There's still plenty coming back, and Sherron Collins will be the country's best freshman PG.

Coaching rumors from CBSSPORTSLINE:

Oklahoma: North Carolina assistant Joe Holladay is not an A-list candidate, but he has discussed the vacancy with OU athletics director Joe Castiglione. Holladay is a 1969 Oklahoma graduate and a member of that state's high school coaches hall of fame.

There are also rumors that Mark Turgeon has been contacted about the job.

Also, Joe Lunardi has us as a one seed in the 2007 tournament.


  1. Sorry for the overlap in posts. I checked the blog before writing, but I guess I'm slow in constructing my posts.

    Blogging may be too complex for me.

    Should we all just exchange letters?

  2. No prob. I'm just glad to see I'm not the only one posting.

    You can always go back and edit your original post. However, you can't go back and edit your comments, so I suppose it would be pointless to change anything now after your "mea culpa" comment here.

  3. Well, I enjoyed both posts very much. . . .
    Kaun? Maybe I've been snookered by Deron's affection for guard play, but it seems inconceivable to me that of all our players Kaun would leave after this year.

    I suppose it's nice to get such props so soon after our first-round loss, but I really came to enjoy rooting for an un-ranked Jayhawk team this past season. Made some of those big late-season wins (and the rankings that came with them) all the sweeter. . . .

  4. I really can't see anyone leaving for the NBA if Rush doesn't. I don't know what Doyel is a-smokin' over there.

    The only danger I see is another transfer, this time from among our trio of sophomore big men. If they all have NBA aspirations, they have to know they could hog more of the spotlight in another program. This becomes even more likely if we get Darrell Arthur, who if he's as good as they say could steal what little playing time they already have.

    Or if, as discussed below, Self were indeed to install a four-guard lineup (assuming you define Brandon as a guard--I see him more as a small forward), it's conceivable that none of the big 3 would even start.

  5. Chris, maybe you should correspond via carrier pigeon. I heard it's coming back en vogue.

    JK. :)

  6. BTW Deron,

    I believe the gentleman's name is Dorrell. He spells it funny just like you do.

  7. Not sure whom you're referring to, Scott, but I stand by my spellings of both "Darrell" and "Doyel."

    I'm thinking of changing my own name to DeRon.

  8. You're right . Score 1 for the D-train. One love.