Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Down with Drew

OK, I don't usually feel the need to bag on other Big 12 teams other than wanting KU to destroy them, but Scott Drew and Baylor can kiss my ass.

Last year, Drew drew Self's ire by keeping his team in the locker room during KU's pregame video introduction -- the only time I've ever seen Self go negative on a fellow Big 12 coach. Then, last night, in what could not have been a coincidence, they show a pregame video featuring not only KU's loss to Baylor in football (marginally insulting, but not over the line) but also the loss to UNI in the tourney last year (way, way, way over the fucking line).

I wish I had known about the video when watching the game last night, because that would have greatly enhanced the pleasure I took at watching us un-pants this talented but undisciplined Baylor team in front of 35 (!) NBA scouts.

As for my negativity the other day, well... I'm not totally over it, because TT and Selby still can't quite get their assist-TO ratio where it needs to be. However, it may not matter a great deal if the twins continue to blossom like this. It's starting to feel like we have two Danny Mannings out there at times, effortlessly tapping the ball back and forth to each other.

The only downside: All those NBA scouts bearing witness to the twins' excellence does not bode well for next year's roster.


  1. Well said.

    I had to re-read the kusports.com story three times to make sure I saw what I thought I saw. UNI?

    I mean, not only is that a real a-hole move, it's also a sad way to treat your home team and fans. Shouldn't these videos celebrate the home side instead of wasting time insulting the visitors?

    Tyshawn did have some great moments last night (two layups in a row, as I recall), but you're right that we need more consistency from him, especially with ball-handling. At least Selby seems to have left his recent slump behind.

    Sure was a good time last night; looking forward to seeing them maintain the momentum for Saturday's matchup with Texas.

  2. Hmmm, one of the commenters is saying it wasn't the intro video, but was played during a timeout. Does that mitigate it somewhat? Maybe a little -- I don't know, let's say 10 percent.

    Texas is the most dangerous Fieldhouse opponent this year along with Mizzou. They're certainly playing better now than they were when we played them last year.

  3. At least having that clip at halftime answers my worry about dissing the home team. But you're probably right--no more than 10% off on the a-hole scale. Mostly just weird...

    We watched Texas take Texas Tech apart the other day--pretty impressive stuff, even against weak competition. We ought to win, but it will definitely be a test.

  4. Halftime, timeout, whatever.

    In other news, did you see Keegan's comments about Tyshawn? I kept expect to see them in the "bad quote" feature...

  5. Must have missed it. I actually thought his piece today on Tyrel was pretty solid.

  6. Fair enough.

    It just struck me as odd that he gave a very detailed (and often oddly psychologizing) account of a single TT mistake, all building toward the claim that TT had "one of his best games in a while at both ends."

    But you're right-piece on Reed's a good read.

    Did anyone see Texas destroy A&M last night? Hard to tell what it means for us, but that Tristan Thompson was basically scoring at will in the post. Hope our bigs are ready for a real test...

    Also hope you're going, Aaron; the Fieldhouse will surely be rocking for this one.

  7. Oh, yeah, I see what column you're talking about. That was odd.

    Bob Knight was really unloading on TT early in the game too. Knight went after Selby as well: "Shot fake, Selby! Use the shot fake!" Somewhat deserved in both cases.

    Saw a bit of last night's game. Texas looks really really good. Much more discipline and focus than last year. We could have a game on our hands.

    In other news, it appears that Roy is losing it.

  8. Really interesting, slightly alarming, game preview on Yahoo:

    “To me, Texas is the best team,” Self said. “I’ve seen them play a lot. They’re playing better than anybody. Their scores are more impressive than anybody else’s scores.

    “They’ve lost a couple of games, only because of the competition they’ve played. We’re going to have to play better, stronger, tougher than we’ve been playing.”

  9. Yikes--well at least we don't have to worry about overlooking them!

    Didn't they lose big to USC? I didn't see the game, but presumably that means they've got a weakness; hope our guys are watching lots of tape...