Wednesday, January 26, 2011

State of the Union?

I missed the Colorado game because I had to listen to some stupid speech last night, but by all accounts it was a very good win. The numbers tell me that, for the first time in ages, all of our guards played pretty well -- even EJ had 4 assists.

So do you guys think there's hope for this team yet? We played without T-Rob or Releford, yet were able to gut out a road win against a team that beat both Mizzou and K-State. The team is here in D.C. now for the funeral. Do you think the tragedy will serve as an emotional linchpin for us, or will T-Rob be too devastated to be a strong contributor the rest of the year? I guess I could see it going either way.

By the way, Upon Further Review points out that we have another streak to revel in: 186 games since we last dropped 2 in a row. That goes all the way back to January 2006, just before we launched this blog. (It's also astounding considering that apparently no one else in the Big 12 has gone longer than 36 games.)


  1. I don't know how the team was able to land here yesterday in this weather, but apparently they did. Getting out today should be no problem.

    More from UFR on that consecutive loss streak. Apparently it's the best in KU history, and among the best in NCAA history.

  2. I just read that UFR post and was going to mention it here but was beat to the punch.

    Can't wait for Releford's return, and Trob is one of my favorites. Good to see Selby and Morningstar bust their slumps.

    For the first time in a while, I'll be able to see the game this Saturday. Very excited.

    I have a good feeling about this team. They are winning close, sometimes ugly games like last year's group. But, unlike their predecessors, they are not bloodless, workmanlike, only springing into action when threatened.

    They play, have fun together, and have always been tight off court even before the tragedy.

    So, I just have a better feeling about them even if they are sloppier and more mistake prone.

  3. Beautiful writeups in WaPo and LJW.

    The roads are terrible here and power is out for 80,000 people in metro D.C. -- including Thomas's neighborhood. It's amazing they were able to hold the funeral at all under those conditions, much less transport the whole team in and out of there.

    Our guys will be running on fumes/emotion for Saturday's game. It's really going to be something to see.

  4. Those are great--thanks for posting!

    I completely agree with Chris about this team: they really seem to get along and to bring a great attitude to every game. And to these other challenges, of course.

    Not sure where you all stand on this sort of thing, but Marcus and Markieff Morris are both on Twitter. Generally entertaining. And charming: both of them seem to end just about every tweet with F.O.E....