Monday, January 03, 2011

Better Than Duke?

The poor saps from Miami (Ohio) think so, after our latest Fieldhouse dunkfest yesterday. (If you missed the game, I strongly suggest you catch the reel.)

Miami-Ohio lost to the Devils by 34 points, compared to 27 against us (and 21 against Ohio State). But that was against Duke when they had Kyrie Irving, so... who knows?

It's moot, anyway. The fact is, based on the evidence yesterday, Miami of Ohio just really sucks. One more patsy this week in UMKC, then it's the meat of the schedule -- at Michigan, then conference play.

Nice bounceback from the Twins. Still too many turnovers from Tyshawn and Brady. And hey, we've got a new athletic director -- this time for real!


  1. Highlights, baby!

    Releford is fast becoming my favorite Jayhawk.

  2. Well, you're really going to love him after seeing the UMKC reel. Travis had what was apparently Sportscenter's Top Play last night. (Dave Armstrong needs to brush up on his dunk terminology, however.)

    Also, why do our big men keep getting T'd up?

  3. Releford is smooth. The finesse! Watch his highlights, and tell me you don't hear the bass line to Stevie Wonder's "Higher Ground."