Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Interesting SI article

According to SI KU is one of three super powers and has the highest ASM rank. Interesting numbers and stats to back it up. Have a look: SI


  1. Good stuff, although I see there's a word of warning there about our reduced efficiency with Selby in there. Having just watched the UT-Arlington game tonight, I'm getting a bit concerned. Suddenly our offense and defense are both looking spotty, and the twins and Tyshawn are looking like freshmen again.

  2. But on the other hand, Releford and Robison were quite impressive last night.

    That ASM stat seems weird to me, and perhaps misleading--we won last night by what, 25, but we sure didn't look like #3 in the nation, let alone #1.

  3. The article was written before the Cal game, so it doesn't take into account our most recent struggles.

    EJ deserves some credit for last night's game as well. From Self's postgame comments, it sounds like he may continue to keep Marcus, Tyshawn and Brady out of the starting lineup. (He seems a bit bewildered right now, but maybe this is just a holiday funk.)

    Seems we're playing better away from the Fieldhouse these days -- esp. the free throws.

  4. Cal? We beat Cal by 15. Not 25, but not much of a "struggle" in terms of scoring margin.

    I especially liked Self saying that practices are about to get "interesting"...

  5. I was happy with the Cal game, but I don't think it necessarily helped our efficiency stats. Reduced efficiency is to be expected in our first road game, though...