Tuesday, December 07, 2010

May-emphis at the Gahh-den

Once again KU finds itself matched against those RUBES from Memphis. (Just playin,' Scott.)

It's our first ranked opponent, but the scouting report makes them seem awfully similar to those Pac-10 teams -- raw but talent-rich and super-athletic.

What do you think of the Tigers, Scott, if you're out there? It's hard to get too scared of a team that had to go to OT to beat Arkansas State. Of course, they'll be slightly more interested in this game. So should the 'Hawks.

Lots of fun facts to be found in this ESPN preview. Did you know that the 'Hawks have lost 3 straight at Madison Square Garden since Hinrich and co. beat St. John's in 2000? I recall Jay-Z being on hand for that game. Remember that guy?

Another fun fact: Kansas leads the nation in field-goal percentage. Not too shabby.


  1. Looking forward to it.

    Watching on delay because of work, so I'll answer text messages, but only 2 hours or so after they're sent...

    Nice write-up on New Jersey's Tyshawn Taylor at kusports, though I don't know about his "hang out at Times Square" advice. One especially likable bit: this year he's made "47 assists against 20 turnovers."

  2. OK, well. Having only caught the 2nd half of the Memphis game, I have to say... That was a damn good 2nd half. It looks as if all the bad stuff happened in the 1st.

    What I saw was a hugely confident team from top to bottom, esp. TT and the twins, and a coming-out party for EJ and T-Rob as well. It helped that Memphis seemed to give up the ghost, but I enjoyed every minute of that half.

    Another dunk-happy highlight reel. Brady's dagger of a 3 was a great moment, and how often do you see an alley-oop from your power forward to your point guard? EJ can get up, baby!

  3. Just me, huh? OK, how about this?

    In 2000 we got Jay-Z. In 2010 we get more MSG celeb sightings -- and this time they're pulling for the correct team.