Sunday, January 30, 2011

Catharsis, Baby!

For once, I was really enjoying the Dickie V. experience vs. KSU last night, especially hearing him publicly eat his words over the preseason Big 12 picks. For a big emotional game like that one, and one in which Kansas dominates, Dick is a great hype man.

The tragedy seems to have pulled the team and the fanbase together, and that was a game we'll remember for a while. I loved T-Rob's 6-point stretch, the "Here's to you Mrs. Robinson" signs, and the K-State dunk in the first half that was rejected by the basketball gods.

The biggest thing for me was seeing Tyshawn waking from his stupor. Selby and EJ are still borderline. It's be nice if Selby could go one game without botching a fast break, and if EJ could go one game without some kind of dribbling snafu.

Was K-State just dogging it in the second half? Pullen seemed to be casting doubt on his teammates' effort in postgame comments. This is an even bigger meltdown than Texas last season.


  1. Yes, it was a glorious display on many levels.

    Great ball movement, dominating turns by the Morri and TRob - even a glimpse of Releford.

    Glad I made the time to catch this one.

  2. And, of course, UCONN goes down, DUKE emberrasses itself, and the Lakers lose twice. Not a bad weekend.

  3. Spurs at Lakers later this week -- can't wait for that one.

    Only problem for Kansas right now is that Texas refuses to lose. They've already played us, Mizzou, A&M twice -- who's left? Whereas we still have to play Mizzou twice.

    Nice to have Big 12 teams ranked 2 and 3, anyway.

  4. Hell of a game the other day.

    Is it a problem for us that UT won't lose? It may mean KU breaks its streak of regular-season conference championships, but it should help later with seeding and whatnot...

    Speaking of winning and losing, will this finally be the year for Bill Self in Lubbock? Seems about time.

  5. Right on the money there, YHD.

    I guess no one has too much to say about the Texas Tech game, but I think the ESPNU guy summed it up in the 2nd half:

    "The Morris brothers have been devastating."

  6. Spurs win! F* yeah.

    What about Nebraska on the road? Is this one worth going to a bar at 4 p.m.? Maybe.