Tuesday, February 08, 2011

I didn't see the game, so I will be relying heavily on quotes . . .

"Did you see what Kansas did to Missouri and what Pittsburgh did to West Virginia? I hope you did. Because if you did you'll understand why both schools are probably headed toward No. 1 seeds in next month's NCAA tournament, and why both programs are basketball powers that won't disappear as long as Jamie Dixon and Bil Self are in charge.

Kansas beat Missouri even though its top prospect, Josh Selby, is sidelined with a foot injury."

Our bench went 14-17, and 5-5 from three. Little had a career night, and Releford came back to show that even when he's hobbled he's a smooth operator who's too good to hurry.

“Once I got in,” Releford said, “I just did what I had to do.” - Travis Releford

So, how good is the Big 12? This good:

"Missouri, at 18-6, has fallen to sixth place in the Big 12 despite retaining a top-25 ranking."

If we bet today, KU and Texas have 1 seeds. As does Ohio State. Who's the fourth? Pitt?

“I mean, I want people to remember me when I leave here, so I always try to bring something to the table." - Mario Little


  1. Fun observations from blogger Greg Hall:

    "KU’s assistant coach Joe Dooley’s hair might be the eighth wonder of Allen Fieldhouse. He has it greased down to Alfalfa-like standards with it all meeting in a three-inch ducktail at his neckline. It is truly a look you would not expect to see on an adult who wasn’t performing in a stage production of Grease or one who was not blind."

  2. Thanks, Chris. Sorry you missed this one, because it was fairly awesome to behold.

    Highlight reels are pretty hard to come by for some reason, but there are a few decent ones from ESPN and NBC in K.C..

    Also, speaking of awesomeness, check out our flash mob.

  3. More fun:

    "I would be remiss if we didn't take a second to appreciate what Kansas did to Missouri in Allen Fieldhouse Monday night. Because it was thoroughly insane.

    According to the Kansas City Star's Brady McCollough, only four -- four! -- of the Jayhawks' 103 points came on the fast break. Instead, Kansas got almost all of its open looks out of its half-court offense, which moved the ball from side-to-side and from elbow-to-block as well as any team we've seen this season. It was a thing of beauty. And Missouri got a front-row seat. . .

    Perhaps most impressive -- or at least most intriguing -- is that Kansas barnstormed the Tigers without touted freshman Josh Selby. Whether that's coincidence or not is up for debate. Selby is, after all, the least experienced and least efficient offensive player the Jayhawks have. Which is a lot like calling "Let It Be" the worst Beatles album. But maybe, just maybe, the Jayhawks are more cohesive on offense without their star freshman?

    Whether that's true or not, it's a rather excellent problem to have. "Gee, we're awfully good, but I'm just not sure if our top-five NBA prospect recruit is holding our offense back a little bit." Life is good in Lawrence, huh?"- Eamonn Brennan

  4. Also: the best 5-game offensive stretch by a KU team in 15 years?

  5. I like the comparisons to the 01-02 team - the best offensive juggernaut we've ever put on the floor. We apparently compare with them efficiency wise. But don't I remember that team averaging 90 points a game?

    As my New England roommate at the time put it, "That's sick."

  6. You can compare all the modern-day KU team stats here. The '02 scored 90 a game, but also gave up 10 more points a game than this year's group.

    But actually that team was surprisingly good on defense, with opponent FG% at 40 percent, compared to 38.8 percent for us this year. (The only dark cloud the other night was that we let Mizzou shoot 51 percent, but we still rank 11th in the nation in that category.)

  7. Anyone watch the last two games? Thoughts?

    I'm watching tonight. I seem to be on a KState diet with my viewing schedule.

    In comparing this squad to recent highly ranked Jayhawks, I think we're closer to '08 or '07 than last year's team. In rereading our posts last year, it seems we all had some jitters about them. Some intangible lack (chemistry?) that came into play down the stretch.

    In some ways last years team paralleled the imploding '05ers. Senior point guard who had experienced dominant seasons and deep march runs as a freshman and sophmore. The star big man carried too much of the weight. (Though can you imagine what Simien could have done with at least on Morris twin by his side?). Won ugly games, rarely seemed inspired. Slowed down near the end and finished early.

    Of course, the '05 team sputtered way more significantly than last year's squad. But the 2010 team always reminded me more of The Great Implosion of 2005 than the 2008 Champs.

    I know I've compared this year's team to the champs before, but they do remind me of that team in terms of # of weapons and display of joy on the court.

    I don't know where we'll end up, but I feel like this isn't a team that is likely to go down in the first two or three rounds.

  8. Anyone catch the series finale of Friday Night Lights? Amost as hard to give up as THE WIRE.