Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Who is Tyshawn Taylor?

Never has a Kansas player been more of an enigma than young Tyshawn of Hoboken, who has been suspended indefinitely for undisclosed reasons in the midst of an erratic season.

He is an assist machine; he is a turnover machine. He is a majestic, Dr. J-like finisher; he is a clumsy, Clouseau-esque bumbler. He is a far better player than K-State's Jacob Pullen; and he is far, far worse.

He is a lover; he is a fighter. One moment he is cocky and arrogant; the next moment he is confused, childlike, innocent. One day he has a mohawk; the next day, poof -- the mohawk is gone.

Who is Tyshawn Taylor? No one knows, least of all himself. He is, like so many of us in life, unsure of his role.

Just about the only thing Tyshawn has done consistently at Kansas, since Day One, is start. Now, there is talk that he should no longer do that.

Which brings us to history's next great enigma: EJ. (We'll save that one for another time.)


  1. Interesting piece:

  2. Thanks, Aaron. Strong lede on that story:

    "Point guard Tyshawn Taylor will remain suspended Saturday when Kansas travels to Oklahoma, raising to 32 the number of games Jayhawk players have missed because of injury, tragedy, misbehavior or NCAA edicts."