Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Octagon of Gloom

Three years ago when the 'Cats beat us up in similar fashion, I asked, "Who the hell is Jacob Pullen?" He's had a good career, a spotty season, but give him credit -- he was All-World last night.

Now the question is, "Who the f*ck are Will Spradling and Jordan Henriquez-Roberts?"

Given our injuries, the performance of K-State, and the refs, we could have played well and lost this one. But we did not play well. Our guys seem to have gotten a bit lazy on defense the last few games. K-State shot 56 friggin' percent. That's almost unprecedented for a Self team.

Another recurring problem: our guards other than ReedStar were terrible, esp. Tyshawn and his unforced turnovers; EJ did a few good things, then melted down; Selby was outplayed by the ginger kid.

But the main issue that bums me out today is character and composure. The intentional foul call was b.s., but the twins have brought this scrutiny on themselves with repeated cheap shots. I'm tired of apologizing for it, I'm tired of Self having to apologize for it. And yes, EJ got fouled on his dunk, but for once I'll quote Keegan approvingly: "Trash-talking in self-worship with his team down 14 points and 5:55 left on the clock? ... On exactly what planet does that make even a shred of sense? Neptune? Jupiter? Mars? Where?" (OK, it's still a bad quote, but I agree with the sentiment.)

Players were jawing at each other, jawing back at the coach, showing no dignity in defeat. We've never had these recurring character issues on any KU team in memory, and it makes it harder for me as a fan to love this team. (It'll be easier once T-Rob comes back.)


  1. If the Jayhawks don't improve their free throw percentage they will be going home early in March. I am amazed watching talented players throw up so many bricks from the free throw line.

  2. Sadly, you seem to be right, dgl. I really thought this team had great chemistry, but Monday's game revealed some serious problems.

    This might be an oversimplification, but having Selby in and out like he's been is starting to concern me. Took the team a few games to get used to having him in there the first time--I hope they adapt quicker now!

    And yes, Tom in Gladstone--free throws continue to frustrate.

    On the bright side, thank goodness we don't have to worry about peaking too early, right?

  3. A very disappointing night.

    Credit to Tyrel Reed for attacking the zone and not making an ass of himself.

    I would say the issues are more composure than character, but that may be splitting hairs.

    Brady McCoullough at the KC Star has a very clear eyed view of the strengths and weaknesses of this team.

  4. Very much enjoyed the Colorado game by contrast. Nobody seems to have any video, but Marcus's up-and-under move was reminiscent of Milt Newton (see this video at 6:50).

    (Speaking of which, HH met a D.C. bigwig last week who turned out to be Milt's adoptive father -- Milt himself is a Washington Wizards exec.)