Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Who Are You & What Have You Done W/ Tyshawn?

Is that really Tyshawn Taylor -- the same guy who coughed it up 7 times vs. Memphis -- who now has a 24-2 assist/turnover ratio in the last four games? Is that really Tyshawn Taylor playing fundamentally sound basketball? Down the stretch against Cal he made a pick-and-roll play with Marcus that honestly reminded me of Stockton and Malone (sorry, Yance).

Sherron and Marcus were the big scorers, but they also made a lot of dumb plays that helped keep Cal in the game. The big heroes of this one were Tyshawn and Brady, who fulfilled all the things Self has been saying about him. The key stretch in the game was midway through the second half, when Brady made two big assists and a three -- would have had a third assist in that stretch if X hadn't missed an open shot.

Cole did look better; the twins were a bit spotty but not bad; T-Rob showed some signs but somehow turned it over 5 times in 9 mins. Elijah and C.J. are MIA.

As to the Texas comparison, I'm obviously being a bit wishy-washy about it. They were juggernaut-like this week against last year's finalists, while KU struggled a bit against good but not great competition.

Ken Pomeroy said recently that Texas has a better chance of going undefeated than Kansas, given that all of their toughest opponents, including Kansas, play them at home -- and he said that before they knocked off UNC and MSU. What do you think, guys? Is there room in the Big 12 for TWO JUGGERNAUTS?

Channel 6 highlight reel of last night's game is worth it just to see Self fist-bumping Santa. Merry Xmas, everybody!


  1. ... and we're back.

    Lots of negativity about our 30-point win against Belmont. I think Self is just trying to light a fire under the team before Temple this weekend.

    The most recent version of Bracketology has Belmont as a 13-seed (plus Cornell, another supposed KU patsy, is an 11-seed). I don't think our guys need to apologize for this win.

  2. We didn't see the game, but Belmont's 15-3 run, plus our 4-on-the-floor possession in the first half sound pretty silly. Not horrid, but silly...

  3. The "4-on-the-floor" thing was pretty funny. I love Elijah's explanation of it:

    "Tyrel was looking for a seat on the bench, and we didn’t have any. I told Tyrel, 'If you don't have a seat, then there must be only four on the floor.' I was joking around, but then I counted, and there were four out there. I told coach, and coach told him to get out there. That's the first time I've seen that."