Friday, December 18, 2009

Thoughts on Teams from Michigan

[This was a comment below, but seemed to outgrow itself.]

Wow--we're 0-5 all-time against Michigan! Will the streak end tomorrow?
9am Pacific is early for a Saturday, but I'll be ready.

Anyone want to make any predictions or break this thing down for me?

On a totally unrelated note, E and I saw Seattle U play Oakland last night--the same Oakland that KU beat 89-59. And the same Oakland whose Benson reportedly "manhandled" Cole...

Anyway, Seattle U lost 77-68 (which helps our Jayhawks' RPI, so I can't be too upset).
Most striking was that Benson didn't look nearly as good against SU as against Kansas. Sure, he had 5 blocks, 16 points, and 16 rebounds (better than his line at Allen), but last night he looked like one of many good players, whereas in Lawrence he was really the only way (as far I can remember) in which Oakland looked better than KU.

Which is all my way of saying 1) hey, Seattle U only lost by a few points to a decent Oakland team. Meanwhile 2) KU is so freakin' good that we beat that same team by 30. And 3) odd as it seems, this seems like a year where we have more trouble down low than with guards. But I hear Withey's eligible as of tomorrow, so since we're like 15 players deep in the post, I'm starting to feel awfully confident about this year.


  1. I'm not so sure about point (3). I thought it was pretty well established that Cole's difficulties have been due to illness -- the fact that Benson turns out to be not such hot shit, and the fact that Cole looked strong against LaSalle, seems to confirm that.

    I think Cole will be fine, and the improvement of the twins plus the potential of T-Rob and Withey indicates to me that the low block is our strong point, not our weak point. Cole and the twins pretty much dominated the games I've seen -- it's the guard play that's been more suspect.

    Another fun fact: K-State, as you mentioned, is now ranked, yet they barely eked out a 7-point win against the same Fort Hays State team that KU beat by 40 points. Apply the transitive property to this, and you'll conclude that Kansas is... say it with me: a JUGGERNAUT.

  2. Pretty much dominated? Did you watch the UCLA game?

    I mean, we won and all, but Cole was 1-6...

  3. Cole wasn't hitting against UCLA, yet he still gets 12 boards and 3 blocks, we outrebound them by 7, and Markieff goes for 19. I'll take those numbers.