Sunday, December 20, 2009

Cole & Flu Season

Just as I was insisting to Yancy that Cole will be fine, the big guy goes out against Michigan and fails to make a field goal. He looked winded all through the second half, and Sherron says he's been using his inhaler a lot. Self is being a bit vague about it, and now I'm starting to worry -- just a little.

Compare this to the game that followed on ESPN -- Dexter Pittman and UT dismantling Carolina. Last year, Dexter looked like Shaq -- but Shaq circa 2009. This year, Dexter looks like Shaq circa 1997. Scaaaaary.

The good thing is, we have X and the new-look twins to make up for Cole's deficiencies in scoring. Is it possible that we can still be a championship team with Cole taking somewhat of a back seat? If he continues to pile up rebounds and blocks, I would say, definitely maybe. Unlike last season, this team's got some infrastructure. (Unfortunately, so does Texas).


  1. I don't know, the title of this post seems to suggest that you're not respecting Cole & Coach Self's wish to avoid making excuses...

  2. Well, here you go.

    Hope he feels better soon! Sorry to hear about the grandmother too...

    Also over on, Tom Keegan agrees with Deron, calling Texas the true number one.
    I just can't tell--so hard to compare our performance against these pretty good teams with UT's game against UNC.

    The AP voters still have us at one, though a few (Keegan included) voted for Texas this week (the 'Horns got seven votes, compared with 1 last week).

    I guess we'll have to wait until next year--Temple looks like our first big test. They're even ranked now, further improving our schedule.

    Oh, but what they hell: any thoughts on Cal?

  3. First of all, I am not agreeing with Keegan's overreaction. I'm not saying Texas is better than us.

    I'm not saying they're worse, either. What's it been, 7 years since a Barnes team has played to its potential? Maybe they're due.

    Cal is no pushover -- if our 2nd-half funk from last game holds over, we could be in trouble.

  4. Fair enough--sorry to group you with Keegan like that.

    (Though I did get a text that read "Horns look better than us rt. now"...)

    Glad that Cal is at home: should help with the funk issues, and it's always nice to see Allen in these national games.

  5. Yancy, that text was private and off-the-record.