Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Turner Gill and Things Of That Nature

Any thoughts on KU's new football coach? I don't know if I'm going to enjoy his press conferences, other than counting how many times he says "...and things of that nature," a la Darrell Hammond as Schwarzenegger.

His record seems comparable to Mangino's, but I'm inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt, because (a) his image is infinitely better than that of his predecessor, and (b) as Lew said, if he can recruit guys from Texas to Buffalo of all places, he can sure as hell recruit them to Kansas.

Back to hoops...

Comparisons being drawn between John Wall and Xavier: here and here. If we have to compare the two, I'd give the slight edge to Wall because he's had to lead at Kentucky from Day One, whereas X has had a cushier landing in college.

Also, one more salvo about our "weak" schedule: future KU road opponent Temple knocked off then-No. 3 Villanova this weekend. I saw 'Nova in person a few weeks ago making mincemeat out of the Terps; they're a great team. At the end of the Temple game, fans reportedly stormed the court chanting "We want Kansas!"

That's right: It is ON, baby!


  1. Yeah, that Temple game was a big upset. I'm actually going to the Temple game. I'm visiting a friend in Philly for new years. I've never been to a Jayhawk road game. It should be a good one though.

  2. Cool. Looks like that crowd will be amped up. Expect the twins to get relentlessly booed -- except for their families, who'll probably be sitting next to you.

  3. That win over Villanova definitely lifted my spirits with respect to our schedule.

    Nice to see K-State in the top 25 now too. I'll happily concede, Deron, that our schedule is starting to look better now...

    Have fun at the game, Aaron--should be a good one!