Thursday, January 21, 2010

I Said, Don't Overlook Baylor!

Is Baylor really that good? To my eyes, that was the best performance by a KU opponent this year -- Tennessee included. (Granted, I missed Cornell).

Baylor is the first team in two years to shoot above 50% against the 'Hawks. I expected Self to be apoplectic about that -- but his response was, hey, they just made a lot of guarded shots.

(How about Self ripping Scott Drew for snubbing the game intros? I've not seen him publicly criticize another coach since Bruce Weber was provoking him back around '05.)

We did force a lot of turnovers. But we got outrebounded and had no blocked shots -- which leads me to conclude that the main liability was Cole, who seemed a step slow and got himself in foul trouble. I keep expecting him to break out of this funk, and his offense wasn't too bad, but this may have been his worst overall outing this season. Hopefully he can get over his grief soon.

Sherron and Marcus, on the other hand, were nothing short of f*ing brilliant. So at least we no longer look like a one-man team; but we need to be more than a 2-man team.

Also in danger of turning into a 2-man team: this blog. Let's step it up, people.


  1. Wish I could have seen this one.

  2. You do, Chris? I don't know, lots of frustrating missed layups and the like...
    If you have access to the super-cool-despite-being-evidence-of-a-scary-monopoly ESPN360 thing, you can actually watch a replay online, at

    Yes, they did shoot over 50%, but we had like 40 steals, so that has to skew the stats somewhere else, doesn't it?

    Okay, actual numbers: we had 15 steals (!), and they only attempted 48 shots (compared to our 62; recent opponents have also taken more--Texas Tech put up 64, Tennessee 54). To me that's an acceptable trade--as Chris has been saying, transition's where the action's at anyway.

    It's funny you say that about Cole, dgl: I was resigned to giving him a pass here. He actually made some shots from the floor, so even though his defense seemed off, he gave us an okay night in my book.

    And yeah, what the eff, Baylor, you can't sit and watch our video? I guess I don't care, but how can they not have expected our guys to be pissed about it?

    Thoughts on ISU? Didn't they just lose a player? Hope we don't run into more Volunteerism as a result...

  3. ugh... more trouble with Taylor. Is he becoming more trouble than he's worth?