Friday, January 29, 2010

Sunflower Showdown Saturday

The Highly ranked purple power kittens come to town on Saturday. How thoroughly shall we crush their spirits? I say 17 points. 83-66 or something along those lines.


  1. I think it's us who's coming to town actually. Want to change that prediction at all? :)

    I like the confidence, but I would be surprised if we win by 17. Maybe eight or nine...

  2. Tough call. I like K-State's team, but I wonder if they've already peaked.

    I'd go more with Yancy's call. If we play well, we win by a decent margin, but if we play even a bit flat (which I think isn't likely), we could lose. The 'Cats didn't even play that well against Texas, but somehow gutted it out anyway.

  3. Also for a small chuckle, check out the Wiki on event and pay close attention to the "comparison of universities".

    Sunflower Showdown

  4. Ah it's there? Yeah, I'll stick where I am at.