Thursday, January 07, 2010

KU Outlasts Ivy League Pantywaists

I guess Andy Bernard is right: Corne-e-ell is not to be f*cked with. Can I call a trap game or what?

All the ingredients for a KU loss were there: a senior-laden, tourney-tested opponent shooting over 50% till late in the game; Self drawing techs; Tyshawn and Brady fighting over defensive assignments; and every KU player other than Sherron and Cole going 0-fer on two-point attempts (yes, you read that right).

One thing seems clear: This team doesn't have the overall balance that the '08 group did. Our most talented guys are Sherron, Cole, and a bunch of underclassmen -- all of whom played like underclassmen last night.

However, this team has one thing that the '08 team did not: Sherron Collins as a senior. I'll paste from Yancy's earlier comment:

33 points;
9-16 field goals (including 2 of 5 from 3);
13-14 from the line (!);
4 rebounds;
3 assists;
2 steals;
and only 1 turnover. Damn.

Wasn't exactly fun to watch that game, but there's probably something good about having to struggle once in a while...

See highlight reel for some great plays by Sherron -- and Cornell's Wittman. They could be this year's Davidson.


  1. Sounds like Bruce Pearl didn't listen to Chris...
    Tyler Smith has been kicked off the team, and the other three players remain suspended.

    Nevertheless, they really took it to Charlotte the other day, so it's no write-off.

    Sure hope we got whatever that was out of our system in that Cornell game!

    PS, one of these days, I'm really going to have to watch the Office, huh?

  2. The Office is awesome! The british one is great too.

  3. Well of course I've seen the British one! And it is indeed awesome.