Monday, January 18, 2010

and conference play begins...

So my parents came down for a visit over the weekend and got to go to their first ever game at the Fieldhouse. They really enjoyed it but after the game my mom said, “I thought the Fieldhouse would be a lot bigger and a whole lot louder”. I have to say it was one of the quietest games I’ve ever been to at the Fieldhouse... even the rock chalk chant was pretty low key. Maybe it was because we never trailed but still, it was our Big12 opener and Texas Tech is no cupcake. Our defense looked real solid most of the game but, once again, at times we seemed to struggle on offense. We seem to be long on talent but short on chemistry. There have also been rumors of fights and frustration over minutes. Is this a recipe for trouble? Thoughts?

As I’m typing this KSU just took down Texas. Who knew K-state would be this good?

Anyway here are some pics my mom took at the game:

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  1. Thanks for the pics, Mom.

    Yeah, my parents were also a bit underwhelmed w/ their Phog experience Sat. I guess it's hard to get worked up over beating Pat Knight as opposed to Bob Knight.

    If there are fights over minutes, that is indeed a recipe for trouble. I hope those are just rumors. I am wondering if we're going to start seeing less of Tyshawn after his performance on Saturday; that kid's an enigma.

    K-State win helps us a lot in conference -- for the moment, KU stands alone in first place. Nice to see how much the B12 North has improved thanks to Martin and Anderson. You could make the case for Kansas staying at #3 nationally, though.

    And don't overlook Baylor: they're AP #25.