Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Big Monday


  1. I take it from your awed silence that you all enjoyed the game too?

  2. Yes yes, sorry. Hell of a game--thanks for putting those pictures up.

    It's really a joy to behold this team when things click. And arguably things were still less than clicking in last night's game. Lots of turnovers, and what happened to Sherron?

    But not everyone can play wonderfully every day, and the fact that we can run a team out of the gym when we're only kind of clicking... well, that's pretty fun. And a tournament team, no? Musberger & Knight seemed to think so.

    Speaking of, these two are definitely my favorite announcing team. Not only do they wear cute v-neck sweaters over on the sideline, but I feel like I'm actually learning about the game when they're talking. A real pleasure. Please call as many of our games as you can!

  3. Musburger is such an insider/crony it's hilarious...

    "So who are you going pheasant hunting with this weekend, Bob?"

    "Of course Bill Self after the game will head over to the Salty Iguana..."

    The turnovers I could live with because we were attacking the basket -- we weren't just coughing it up in the backcourt and giving them layups. It was a Roy-type game -- with so many possessions, the volume of turnovers didn't matter as much.

    Cole was brilliant, of course -- although he's still not getting enough attempts. I also feel like Brady isn't getting enough credit -- when he hit that 3 at the halftime buzzer, it was really all over but the shouting.

    So... Kentucky goes down, meaning Kansas is effectively #1. Does this hurt us psychologically going into Man-happenin' this weekend? Do we lose the #1 ranking before we even get it?

  4. Yeah, maybe it's just Knight that I'm actually enjoying. Though they are cute together...

    I don't see a let-down coming. Not like this team hasn't had experience as #1. Sure was fun to watch Kentucky lose. Worth us losing in the little apple? No, I guess not; but it was fun. And, as I said, this team seems capable of handling their psyches.

    Speaking of Brady, Emily and I were surprised when Saturday's announcer (no recollection who it was anymore) said he was our best for moving the ball. Monday has me thinking he might've been right.

  5. Yeah, Self said the same thing after the Memphis game.