Saturday, November 28, 2009

MU/KU Football

Anyone else watching? I'm posting this in the 3rd quarter as we are up 28-26. Mangino's back is against the wall and he has his guys fired up. Oh crap, Briscoe just fumbled again.

Aaron, if you are there, I heard there was an MU/KU marriage proposal what was universally booed, is that right?


  1. The play calling at the end of that game was probably the worst I've ever seen.
    Passes and then a QB rush from the 1 yard line with a lead and three minutes on the clock? Are you kidding me?
    Oh well, at least it's only football...

    I see what you mean about the competition for the bball team, Scott, but I feel like I'm getting to know the team with these blowouts, at least insofar as we're seeing our own weaknesses and strengths in ideal circumstances. Turns out that Tyshawn, for example, sometimes doesn't pass when he should, even when nothing's at stake--hopefully that's a problem that can be addressed before the real competition shows up.

    Anyway, even if I nodded off for a second or two during the Tennessee Tech game, I do think this team's awfully fun to watch.

  2. PS, my favorite positive moment of the game? X's pass to Tyshawn on the fastbreak: he could've just taken it himself, but he passed & we got the easier bucket. Very, very encouraging stuff.

    Oh, and Scott, you may want to spend some time at Dave Armstrong's website,, where you can also hear about his book, Driving from Here to Wow!... :)

  3. Is that a parody Web site? It should be.

    On that last drive, I thought the short pass to Briscoe was a good idea in theory -- if he hadn't stumbled it would have been a very easy gain, esp. since Mizzou was clearly expecting the run. BUT since they had already blown the chance to run clock on the stupid 1st-down play, they probably should have just run it on 2nd down.

    Congrats to Reesing and Meier for their record-breaking careers. I hate to see those guys go.

  4. OK. This f*ing clinches it for me.