Friday, November 20, 2009

KU rebounds against cruddy purple bears

I was able to watch this game live finally (I had to DVR the last two, after knowing the outcome of the Memphis game, grr). Anyway, it looked like our practices since Memphis were probably picked up a bit. This team we played though, did not have the bigs to stop our bigs. Plus, they shot like crap (mostly thanks to our excellent D) and it was pretty much hopeless at the outset. We've got three of these joke schools in a row. For a team that's supposed to be #1, why are we scheduling like we are K-State? This is apparently not a very good UCLA team we are going to play (lost in 2ot to Cal State Fullerton), but it is on the road, so maybe we will learn something. I am concerned we will not be ready when we go to Knoxville, TN. That is a very good team full of seniors and juniors that looks ready to run everyone out of the gym.

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  1. I'm always bitching about the schedule, but I think this one is as tough or tougher than any in the Self era. Looking at the current AP poll, we're scheduled to play 5 teams currently in the Top 25, two of them on the road, plus 5 more that are getting votes. That doesn't include Memphis, who may find themselves there soon.

    That's why I can't get onboard with those who say we'll go 40-0. To win at UCLA and at Texas and at Tennessee is too much to ask of any team. The Big 12 is probably the best conference in the country this year, which doesn't bode well for our going undefeated, but does bode well, I think, for us winning in March.