Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Gorilla Warfare

Kansas doubles up Pittsburg State!

Both the Journal-World and the Star devoted entire articles to Marcus Morris' tomahawk slam (highlights here). In fact, this was the Star's only article on the game. Has a single dunk ever gotten as many column inches as this one?

A lot of buzz, also, on Thomas Robinson. I'm going to reserve judgment on that, because big men always tend to look good against the D2 patsies. But I can't wait for my first opportunity to see this team play -- hopefully this week.


  1. Friday's game should be online somewhere--let me know if you need the link...

    I missed most of Tuesday's fun, but that score is insane, even for an exhibition game.

    The pass setting up the dunk was awfully nice, so I can understand some of the attention. To me one great sign from these early games is that there have been some great highlights involving so many players--and really not that much from the three super-stars (Cole, Sherron, Xavier).

    Is that fair to say? That seems to be the short list, but is that how it looks to you all? And if we can generate this many highlights with our other players, well, I am really looking forward to this season.

  2. I am excited for tonight- it should be great! I hope we get to see more minutes from the "big 3" tonight and get a sense of what the rotation will look like. Am I wrong to wonder what will happen to certain player's attitudes when they realize there are only so many minutes?