Sunday, February 08, 2009

The Rivalry Is Back -- Maybe

After watching KU beat OSU Saturday, Jason Whitlock concludes that Missouri is the better team. Is he right? IS HE RIGHT?

Looking at the two resumes side by side, I'll stick with my guys. Winning in Austin was impressive -- losing at Manhattan and Lincoln, on the other hand...

But there's no question that Mizzou is back, and that's good news for the conference. Both teams will probably be ranked -- KU should be in the teens now -- and Big Monday will really mean something.

I wouldn't be surprised if we lose this one, given that it's our freshmen's first Columbia foray, and the Tigers are more than capable of teeing off on our jitters/turnovers. But if our guys can relax and keep their heads above water early, I think we'll prove we've got the better team.


  1. Thanks for the post.

    I haven't seen Mizzou play at all this year, but one thing that seems appealing is that (judging by things like point totals) they seem to be really working the 40 minutes of fun approach.

    I'd love to see our young players in a genuinely up-tempo game. Granted, pressure defense has rattled us before, but one way to take advantage of natural talent and athleticism is to free things up and let the kids run . . .
    Seems like it ought to be a fun game, and I'm inclined to agree that we ought to end up in the right column.

    PS, thanks for sticking with this, dgl. Even if I'm not saying much here lately, I'm still enjoying your posts.

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