Friday, February 20, 2009


Big couple of days coming up for us, fellow silent fans. Nebraska was a tough win the first time around, but I assume (unwisely?) that playing at Allen will give us a decided advantage.

But then on Monday we play down in Norman, and I'm going to go ahead and say that 1) the advantage is definitely not ours, and that 2) if we win there it would easily be the biggest win of the season. Can we do it? We sure looked good for most of the last couple games, and we didn't look all that bad, as Deron mentioned, against Mizzou . . . but, boy, this one looks tough.

Oh what the hell, I'll do it: KU by 3: 82-79.

Let's go 'hawks!


  1. Great photo, utilization of the umlaut, and callback to the Upper Midwest '80s indie scene.

    Didn't get to see any of the games Saturday, but w/ KU's win, OU's loss and Griffin's injury things are turning in our favor.

    Quite a swing here -- if we win, suddenly we're alone in 1st place (and a Top 10 team fo' sho'). If we lose, we're sweating it out in a tie for 2nd with Mizzou. Good news about that, though, is that the Tigers have a date with destiny at the Fieldhouse Saturday.

    Anyway, I've had trouble all year envisioning KU beating this Sooner team in Norman. If Griffin is out (and it's looking more and more like that's the case), we've got a better shot. But from what the commentators are saying, OU looked pretty formidable even without him in the process of almost winning in Austin.

    So... not to rain on the parade but I'm going to say we fall short by a few points in this one. Hey, it's fun to be the underdog for once.

  2. I still think Griffin plays and shakes off the concussion.

    Big XII in the balance with 4 games to go. I think he's got to suit up, right? I'm with Deron, I think we go down by 8.

  3. My sources (um, Sido, that is) tell me he'll play.

    And that's what I'd prefer, all things considered. Rather beat them with him in there, and the loss is obviously more respectable if he plays. And, as Deron rightly said, the odds don't seem great even without him . . .

    I'll stick with my optimistic line, even after seeing the incredible finish against Texas, but that's mostly because I'd like the bragging rights during our victory texting party tonight.

  4. Oh, and that is a great shot, isn't it?

    My apologies for not saying this sooner (pun intended), but props to Sue Ogrocki of the AP.

    (From the story on the Colorado/OU game.)

  5. My source is a b**ch, I guess.

    He's out. Lame.

  6. I don't know, maybe I should change my prediction. We certainly have them beat on talent now. They're not exactly a one-man team, but without Griffin they sure aren't Big 12 champs.

    This raises the bar for us. Losing wouldn't be humiliating, but we at least need to take them to the wire.